CIH's team of highly trained and skilled professionals will guide you through all aspects of your project. With over 50 years in the contract hardware business, CIH always strives to provide you with the right solutions for your facility needs. Since we are with you throughout the process-from initial budgeting and site assessments all the way to the installation and close-out documents-CIH consistently works with you to assure you are satisfied with your contract door, hardware, and electronic access control needs.

Additionally, we have in-house electronic access control specialist to aid you in selecting the right stand-alone or integrated access control system.


While working directly with you and your staff, our dedicated team can provide industry-leading consultation for complete and accurate site surveys and facility assessments for your door, commercial hardware, and access control requirements. CIH's trained staff will assist you in choosing the correct materials, products, and designs to achieve your specific requirements while serving all your fire and life-safety requirements-at no charge. Our services are independent of any manufacturer to ensure we focus on the needs of your project. Since we understand the immediate needs you may have, CIH has dedicated inside sales associates always available to assist you-our customer.



At CIH, we believe in having the right product when you need it. Therefore, we carry a large local inventory of doors, frames, and commercial hardware. With stock of over 20,000 items, our wide selection of all the major brands and hard-to-find items is guaranteed to please.

Our on-site Warnock Hershey and UL approved shop provides the capabilities to customize your hollow metal door and frame and wood door needs allowing you to receive the product when you need it.

In addition, we deliver directly to your jobsite and offer a convenient will-call customer pick-up service.


We understand the coordination between mechanical access control (key systems) and electronic access control (electronic security). Our expert staff is trained to recognize the appropriate product for each and every security need you may have on your project.

Since our solution is designed with a comprehensive approach, we eliminate the need for coordination between trades. One call to us takes care of it all.


A well designed key system should provide the right mix of convenience and control. At CIH, our Key System Consultants have the ability to meet your customized security requirements, while offering you the best balance between security and convenience.

Planning the key system involves evaluating several factors prior to designing the system. Typically these would include such things as the number of departments, quantity of doors by area, common areas, and staff access/use. Once this information is gathered and evaluated, the system schematic can be created. The key system schematic is an illustrative layout of your customized key system that defines the current system structure and enables future expansion. The process can be completely facilitated by our Key System Consultants utilizing proven methods to help walk you through the entire process.

After your system is designed, proper key control policies must be implemented to ensure maintenance of your systems integrity. A proper key policy will track the type and quantity of physical keys you possess, the employees who possess keys (key holders), how each door is keyed, and how many doors are operated by each key. Our Key System Consultants will be glad to help guide you in choosing the proper level of key control policy that is right for your facility and recommend the best method of managing your key system--at no charge.


There are many different types of access control systems, and CIH has the experience to help you navigate through the technology to get what is right for your facilities needs. Today’s systems can be set up as stand-alone systems, but many of the state-of the-art systems available today are network-based or wireless. Typically, the most economical/cost effective solution involves selecting the right product and technology mix, based on your facilities unique needs/requirements.

If you have an existing facility, our security experts can visit with you to understand your requirements, survey your facility, design the appropriate solution, and present it back to you for your approval. For new facilities, we can specify the appropriate solution and fully coordinate with the various divisions/trades.



CIH provides installation and on-demand services with expert factory-trained personnel. Our knowledgeable team has the tools and skills necessary to install and service any product we offer, professionally provided at competitive rates. Our service team completes repairs and maintenance on all our products, readily available to fix any opening problems or wear-and-tear on-demand. Preventative Maintenance schedules and turn-key Service Agreements are also available to help you properly maintain your facility and maintenance budget.


At CIH, we understand that keeping your facility’s mechanical and electronic access control systems functional is crucial. That’s why we offer a full array of service and maintenance programs.

All of our factory-trained technicians possess the knowledge and equipment necessary to service any product we offer. With CIH as your provider, you can be confident that all repairs are done professionally and at competitive rates.


We take pride in our fast response to your emergency needs. Our in-house service staff is trained to inspect, troubleshoot, and repair your manual or electronically operated doors as well as any hardware related failures when you need them, 24/7.


On-demand service allows customers to schedule repairs at their convenience. Additionally, service for general maintenance is provided at competitive rates and may be pre-arranged to help encourage little business disruption. After hours service is also provided, if needed.


Through experience, we at CIH understand the importance of minimizing door and hardware downtime. As such, our Preventative Maintenance Program offers an operational review of the entire opening to ensure proper functionality. During this time, our skilled professional will adjust and lubricate parts as necessary, tighten any loose fasteners, and take notes of any items that cannot be modified to meet industry standards.


Fire and Exterior Door Assemblies are particularly critical in today’s environment. Over the last few years, several tragic fires have led to significant revisions to the model codes and standards related to fire doors. To minimize failures and improve reliability, NFPA 80 states, "Fire door assemblies shall be inspected and tested not less than annually, and a written record of the inspection shall be signed and kept for inspection by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ)."

As a means to aid our clients through this process, CIH offers complete assessments of fire and exterior door assemblies. We will electronically document the condition of each opening, prepare a full report with photographs, apply survey labels to the openings, and present our findings back to you in a comprehensive binder.

The Preventative Maintenance and Survey Program includes:

  • Check fire doors and frames for proper tags and labels
  • Check fire door hardware for proper labels
  • Check fire doors and frames for physical damage
  • Check to assure that hinges are secure
  • Check fire doors for self closing and self latching
  • Check to assure that coordinator (if provided) functions properly
  • Check to assure that fire doors have not been modified improperly
  • Check fire doors for improper use of hardware
  • Check door gaps for code requirements
  • Check surrounding area for obstructions that may interfere with fire door operation
  • Check all gasketing for damage and fastening

The Fire/Exterior Door Program can be provided annually or bi-annually and scheduled at your convenience.


To minimize repair bills and budget maintenance costs, many of our customers choose Turn-key Service Agreements. These agreements are tailored specifically to your needs and provide coverage for emergency service, on-demand service, and preventative maintenance to help keep your door, hardware, and access control systems running efficiently.


At CIH, we provide locksmith services exclusively for commercial and institutional clients. Experienced and certified professionals execute our locksmith services. We are fully capable to maintain or upgrade your existing key system using conventional or interchangeable core products from industry leading manufacturers.

If you require a higher level of protection from key duplication or bumping, we would recommend one of our patented systems to give you added security.

Your master key system is effectively maintained and your records are securely stored at our factory, guaranteeing years of serviceability. Key control software and electronic key record logs are also available, if needed.

Whether you are looking to re-key a single lock, or upgrade your entire campus to a new and custom designed key system, CIH is ready to serve you at your location or with our on-site lock shop.


While working directly with you and your staff, our dedicated team can provide industry-leading consultation for complete and accurate site surveys and facility assessments for your door, commercial hardware, and access control requirements. CIH’s trained staff can assist you in choosing the correct materials, products, and designs to achieve your specific requirements while serving all your fire and life-safety requirements—at no charge. Our inside sales associates are available to assist you with any questions or immediate demands. And, since our services are independent of any manufacturer, we provide assurance of complete focus on the needs of your project.

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