Key Systems

Proper building security begins with a well designed key system. To achieve a well designed system, careful planning is required to maximize the balance between convenience and security. At CIH, our Key System Experts can guide you through this process and assist you in designing a system structure that meets your current and future facility needs.

Our comprehensive approach is designed to aid you through the process. We start by meeting with you to determine your security/facility needs. Once we have an understanding of your requirements, we can begin laying out the system structure (schematic) and recommend the best product for your system. When the system design is completed and the appropriate products have been selected, we will even assist with key control policy, implementation, and records management.

We have the appropriate products to address your facility needs. Whether you are looking for the convenience of interchangeable cores or the protection of a patented key system, we have the stock and capabilities to meet all your key system needs.

  • Classic
  • Primus
  • Everest
  • Everest B
  • Everest-Primus
  • Removable Core
  • Small Format Interchangeable Core

  • Conventional
  • Signature
  • XC
  • KESO
  • KESO F1
  • Removable Core
  • Small Format Interchangeable Core

  • Small Format Interchangeable Core